• Never use glass cleaner or harsh or abrasive household cleaning chemicals
  • Never attempt to open or repair electric items.  Contact certified electrician

Acrylic Items

  • Do not place in direct sunlight
  • Wipe clean with clean cotton cloth or acrylic rubbing compound

Chrome/Stainless Steel Items

Wipe only with clean cotton cloth

Brushed Stainless Steel Items

For minor scratches use steel wool to gently scuff out marks

Wood Veneer Items

Never apply wood polish directly onto wood surface, always apply to clean dry cloth and then wipe and polish wood surface

Upholstered Items

Do not wash with soap or cleanser, dab clean with damp cotton cloth

1. What is the weight limit for your products?

Chairs & Stools - 250 lbs.
Benches & Sofas - 500 lbs.
Coffee tables, dining tables, bar/counter tables, desks - 100 lbs.
End tables - 50 lbs.

3. Where can assembly guides be found?

All assembly instructions can be downloaded directly from our site! You can find them on the individual product page

5. Can products be purchased directly from Lumisource?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase directly from LumiSource. You can find all of our products in our Where to Buy section!

6. My adjustable barstool/bar table isn’t going up and down. Do I need to purchase a new hydraulic pole?

Make sure black cap is removed and assembled correctly. If the issue still persists, the hydraulic could be defective. Contact Us to discuss your options, or the retailer you purchased the item from.

7. How do I contact Lumisource for Returns/Missing Items/Damages?

This is for retailers only. Please send an email to Allow 24-48hrs to respond.

8. What is the warranty on Lumisource items?

Each product is further warranted to function properly under normal conditions of use for a period of 1 year from the date of consumer purchase or receipt. This warranty is not valid if the product is misused, abused, or tampered with. If repair or replacement should be necessary, please contact the point of purchase. Examples of claims covered: hydraulic or lever pole failure, cracking/splitting/breaking of seat material, and breaking of casters.

Please inspect your shipment and notify us of any damages within 15 days of receipt of your order. We request that any damages are photographed and submitted to us through email at We reserve the right to request additional images/information.

9. My package hasn’t arrived? Who do I contact?

Contact the retailer you purchased the item from.

11. How do you disassemble the barstools?

Refer to our Product How To Videos

Bar Stool Assembly

Bar Stool Disassembly

Bar Stool Cap Removal

Bar Stool Seat Removal

Bar Stool Complete Disassembly